Take advantage of the 30% Federal tax credit, when your business goes solar.

Solar for Your Business

Commercial solar applications break down to Business, Non-Profit and Agricultural. Solar is often used to reduce both the service cost or the amount of power you buy but will also help reduce demand charges if those peak demands are during the day and if you have a rate that this applies. There are many different rate plans so a thorough process of collecting use and rate information is necessary. We can go through this and analyze how solar would work for your commercial/nonprofit or agricultural application. The same 30% Federal tax credit applies to business as well as depreciation on the equipment helping make solar great for a major business expense power.

Just say no... To your electric bill.


Our solar carports come in a variety of sleek designs. They add shade to your parking lots, as well as provide additional solar mounting space. They allow businesses, the government and public entities to claim tax and depreciation deductions. These tax deductions will enable an ROI time frame of between 3 and 5 years! Inquire with us today for a customized quote for your organization!

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